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How To Get Started With unifies all the steps of product design, prototyping, supplier management, and delivery processes to make getting an idea into your customers’ hands faster and with less risk in one single tool.

How To Get Started With

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How To Structure Your Physical Product Project

Learn how to use and make the most out of’s 9 stages and get a better insight into how they can help you with your physical product project.

How To Structure Your Physical Product Project

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Product Outline Basics​

An Overview of All Product Stages and Tasks in One Place.​ Check out your product journey and see where you are at your project, the missing parts in previous stages and what to expect in the future.

Product Outline Basics​

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We are the BuildIt·studio Team

With 0ver 40 years of grouped team experience in product development, supply chain, digital marketing and customer experience expertise, we helped build and grow over 30 companies. In the constantly changing field of product development, it is our mission to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with the skills and tools  to get product to market, and deliver the critical tactics and strategies that will drive business growth.

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Grow your knowledge and get your product to market and in your customers' hands.


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Our guides are free. And access to our platform is also free of charge, get the info you need.


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Get informed before engaging with a prototype team or an expensive sourcing choice. Find the right partners.

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Simple step by step

At every stage, don’t get lost with complicated processes. Follow a guided method to get your product to market.

Supplino’s platform BuildIt·studio unifies all the steps of product design, prototyping, supplier management, and delivery processes.

We are the  Product Completion Team.

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